Established in 2007, CRC CARES leverages the benefits of the 501(c)(3) public charity to provide a broader reach in supporting local, national, and international communities.

The CRC CARES Foundation supports a varied array of worthwhile organizations through donations of time and resources in the form of charitable grants and volunteerism. To-date, the CRC CARES Foundation has donated over $4.7 million, reaching out and providing grants to more than 400 well-deserving charitable organizations across the nation and worldwide. Foundation volunteers have organized numerous events large and small to benefit communities across the nation. 

The CRC CARES Foundation was established with the idea of serving a broad array of needs. The foundation empowers individuals to make a difference through a comprehensive approach to giving, best embodied in the five pillars that describe the organization's core values. 

CommunityUniting individuals to build a stronger society
AdvocacyRaising awareness as an inspiration for action
ResponsibilityFostering a culture of accountability
EducationEmpowering others to improve the world
ServiceCommitting resources to set values into motion