CRC CARES Member AJ Caputo Speaks at H.D. Cooke Elementary School Career Day

CRC Partners employee AJ Caputo took time out of his hectic schedule on Friday, June 3 to give 4th grade students at H.D. Cooke Elementary School in Northwest Washington, DC an overview of real estate development. 

As part of the school’s annual career day, Caputo created an interactive PowerPoint presentation that drew upon the game Monopoly to help the class understand the complex world of real estate development. By asking students a series of questions about what they need in their homes to live comfortably, Caputo primed them to understand the similar process he and his colleagues went through when designing homes for our nation’s Wounded Warriors.

Caputo brought a tangible element into the presentation by providing each student an architect’s scale and demonstrating how to use one on a building plan. The demonstration was capped off by questions that students had diligently amassed throughout the presentation.

As Caputo is currently working on a project down the street from H.D. Cooke Elementary, he embodies the true spirit of CRC CARES, which encourages members to become active in the neighborhoods where they live and work.